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  If you are in search of a comedian to entertain guests or clients at your next corporate event, you have come to the right place. Think of it this way – funny makes money. And humor is one of the best forms of conflict resolution. We have the industry connections in every comedy category to provide the perfect fit for your next private or corporate event.

Consider a corporate comedian like Don Freisen or Harry Freedman as a creative solution for your next special event. View Our Corporate Comedians Available for Appearances, Performances, Private Events and Parties.

We offer a wide variety of corporate comedian booking services, including negotiating appearance deals, coordination and execution of exclusive VIP Events, and talent marketing. Comedian Bookings is the nation’s premier comedian talent agency, offering the largest, most comprehensive list of working comedians in the industry. To book these comedians or others listed on our web site, fill out the booking form on this web site or call 888.550.6672.
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Booking Comedian A.J. Jamal
A.J. Jamal
Contact us for fee info
Comedian A.J. JAMAL is perhaps one of comedy's ha...
View A.J. Jamal Full Biography
Booking A.J. Jamal Appearances  
Booking Comedian Adam Christing
Adam Christing
Contact us for fee info
Hailed as a “meeting planner’s dream”, Adam has be...
View Adam Christing Full Biography
Booking Adam Christing Appearances  
Booking Comedian Ajai Sanders
Ajai Sanders
Contact us for fee info
Ajai Sanders was born April 24, 1967, in North Tre...
View Ajai Sanders Full Biography
Booking Ajai Sanders Appearances  
Booking Comedian Al Jackson
Al Jackson
Contact us for fee info
After spending several years as a 7th grade public...
View Al Jackson Full Biography
Booking Al Jackson Appearances  
Booking Comedian Alex Koll
Alex Koll
Contact us for fee info
ALEX KOLL's act, at once surprising, creative, hi...
View Alex Koll Full Biography
Booking Alex Koll Appearances  
Booking Comedian Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas
Contact us for fee info
Actor/Comedian Alex Thomas has finally taken a wel...
View Alex Thomas Full Biography
Booking Alex Thomas Appearances  
Booking Comedian Alphonso Mcauley
Alphonso Mcauley
Contact us for fee info
Alphonso McAuley has been acting in commercials si...
View Alphonso Mcauley Full Biography
Booking Alphonso Mcauley Appearances  
Booking Comedian Amanda Melson
Amanda Melson
Contact us for fee info
I'm a writer for "Best Week Ever" on VH1....
View Amanda Melson Full Biography
Booking Amanda Melson Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andi Smith
Andi Smith
Contact us for fee info
Quickly look at and listen to stand-up comedian An...
View Andi Smith Full Biography
Booking Andi Smith Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andre Covington
Andre Covington
Contact us for fee info
While modeling at a fashion show, the emcee and th...
View Andre Covington Full Biography
Booking Andre Covington Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andrew Daly
Andrew Daly
Contact us for fee info
Andrew "Andy" Daly was born April 15, 1971 and i...
View Andrew Daly Full Biography
Booking Andrew Daly Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay
Contact us for fee info
Andrew "Dice" Clay was born Andrew Clay Silverst...
View Andrew Dice Clay Full Biography
Booking Andrew Dice Clay Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andrew Donnelly
Andrew Donnelly
Contact us for fee info
Andrew majored in history at a small midwestern co...
View Andrew Donnelly Full Biography
Booking Andrew Donnelly Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andy Borowitz
Andy Borowitz
Contact us for fee info
Andy Borowitz was born January 4, 1958 and is a c...
View Andy Borowitz Full Biography
Booking Andy Borowitz Appearances  
Booking Comedian Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie
Contact us for fee info
Andy Ritchie is a stand-up comedian performing out...
View Andy Ritchie Full Biography
Booking Andy Ritchie Appearances  
Booking Comedian Ant
Contact us for fee info
Ant (born Anthony Steven Kalloniatis on August 23,...
View Ant Full Biography
Booking Ant Appearances  
Booking Comedian Anthony Griffith
Anthony Griffith
Contact us for fee info
An Emmy winner for his outstanding performance in ...
View Anthony Griffith Full Biography
Booking Anthony Griffith Appearances  
Booking Comedian Artie Lange
Artie Lange
Contact us for fee info
Arthur Steven "Artie" Lange, Jr.was born October...
View Artie Lange Full Biography
Booking Artie Lange Appearances  
Booking Comedian Baratunde Thurston
Baratunde Thurston
Contact us for fee info
Baratunde Thurston is a comedian, vigilante pundit...
View Baratunde Thurston Full Biography
Booking Baratunde Thurston Appearances  
Booking Comedian Baron Vaughn
Baron Vaughn
Contact us for fee info
writer & performer,recently appeared on Broadway i...
View Baron Vaughn Full Biography
Booking Baron Vaughn Appearances  
Booking Comedian Barry Diamond
Barry Diamond
Contact us for fee info
Barry Diamond is somewhat of an enigma....
View Barry Diamond Full Biography
Booking Barry Diamond Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bengt Washburn
Bengt Washburn
Contact us for fee info
Bengt Washburn (pronounced "bent") is a self pro...
View Bengt Washburn Full Biography
Booking Bengt Washburn Appearances  
Booking Comedian Big Jay Oakerson
Big Jay Oakerson
Contact us for fee info
A fantastic storyteller, Jay can kill by just tell...
View Big Jay Oakerson Full Biography
Booking Big Jay Oakerson Appearances  
Booking Comedian Big Kenny
Big Kenny
Contact us for fee info
Big & Rich is an American country music duo compri...
View Big Kenny Full Biography
Booking Big Kenny Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bill Clary
Bill Clary
$5,001 - $10,000
Bill Clary. comedian....
View Bill Clary Full Biography
Booking Bill Clary Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bill Herz
Bill Herz
$5,001 - $10,000
Amazing Corporate Magician....
View Bill Herz Full Biography
Booking Bill Herz Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bill Larkin
Bill Larkin
Contact us for fee info
Bill's Family Funtime has been called "a riotous...
View Bill Larkin Full Biography
Booking Bill Larkin Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bill Santiago
Bill Santiago
Contact us for fee info
BILL SANTIAGO is the first born of at least four c...
View Bill Santiago Full Biography
Booking Bill Santiago Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson
$5,001 - $10,000
Bob Anderson, entertainment, comedian...
View Bob Anderson Full Biography
Booking Bob Anderson Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bob Arno
Bob Arno
$5,001 - $10,000
Bob Arno, Entertainment, Comedian...
View Bob Arno Full Biography
Booking Bob Arno Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bob Golub
Bob Golub
Contact us for fee info
Bob Golub is the quintessential realized American ...
View Bob Golub Full Biography
Booking Bob Golub Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bob Ross
Bob Ross
$5,001 - $10,000
Bob Ross. Corporate Comedian....
View Bob Ross Full Biography
Booking Bob Ross Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bobby Miyamoto
Bobby Miyamoto
Contact us for fee info
Bobby’s provocative and sarcastic yet broadly appe...
View Bobby Miyamoto Full Biography
Booking Bobby Miyamoto Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brad Mastrangelo
Brad Mastrangelo
Contact us for fee info
Since Brad Mastrangelo was first pushed on the sta...
View Brad Mastrangelo Full Biography
Booking Brad Mastrangelo Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brad Montgomery
Brad Montgomery
$5,001 - $10,000
Brad Montgomery. Comedian. Motivational Speaker....
View Brad Montgomery Full Biography
Booking Brad Montgomery Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brent Sullivan
Brent Sullivan
Contact us for fee info
Brent Sullivan, the 25 year old, New York City bas...
View Brent Sullivan Full Biography
Booking Brent Sullivan Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brett Leake
Brett Leake
$5,001 - $10,000
Brett Leake. Comedians....
View Brett Leake Full Biography
Booking Brett Leake Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brian Covington
Brian Covington
Contact us for fee info
Born and raised in Nashville Tennessee, Brian "B ...
View Brian Covington Full Biography
Booking Brian Covington Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brian Haley
Brian Haley
Contact us for fee info
Brian Carlo Haley was born February 12, 1963 and i...
View Brian Haley Full Biography
Booking Brian Haley Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brian Malow
Brian Malow
Contact us for fee info
According to Brian Malow, when he was ten years ol...
View Brian Malow Full Biography
Booking Brian Malow Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brinnon and Marks
Brinnon and Marks
$10,001 - $20,000
Brinnon and Marks, comedians ...
View Brinnon and Marks Full Biography
Booking Brinnon and Marks Appearances  
Booking Comedian Brody Stevens
Brody Stevens
Contact us for fee info
Brody Stevens was born on May 22, 1970 in San Fern...
View Brody Stevens Full Biography
Booking Brody Stevens Appearances  
Booking Comedian Bryan Gutmann
Bryan Gutmann
Contact us for fee info
Bryan Gutmann is an Austin comedian who has been g...
View Bryan Gutmann Full Biography
Booking Bryan Gutmann Appearances  
Booking Comedian Buddy Cole
Buddy Cole
Contact us for fee info
Charles Budderick Cole, popularly known as Buddy C...
View Buddy Cole Full Biography
Booking Buddy Cole Appearances  
Booking Comedian Buzz Sutherland
Buzz Sutherland
$5,001 - $10,000
Buzz Sutherland. Comedian....
View Buzz Sutherland Full Biography
Booking Buzz Sutherland Appearances  
Booking Comedian Byron Yee
Byron Yee
Contact us for fee info
Byron Yee is a Los Angeles based comedian and acto...
View Byron Yee Full Biography
Booking Byron Yee Appearances  
Booking Comedian Calise Hawkins
Calise Hawkins
Contact us for fee info
Calise is a hustler, Homey....
View Calise Hawkins Full Biography
Booking Calise Hawkins Appearances  
Booking Comedian Capone
Contact us for fee info
"This American humor of ours, call it comedy, cal...
View Capone Full Biography
Booking Capone Appearances  
Booking Comedian Carl Wolfson
Carl Wolfson
$5,001 - $10,000
Carl Wolfson. Comedians....
View Carl Wolfson Full Biography
Booking Carl Wolfson Appearances  
Booking Comedian Carlos Oscar
Carlos Oscar
Contact us for fee info
Carlos Oscar has risen to be one of the most sough...
View Carlos Oscar Full Biography
Booking Carlos Oscar Appearances  
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